UN Confidential Document Denies the Presence of Iranian Missiles in Yemen

Despite the claims of the Saudi Arabian armed forces about the presence of Iranian missiles in Yemen, a document, drafted by members of the Security Council-appointed panel, found no evidence of this. The document states:


“The Saudi Arabian claims on this issue are intended to justify the Saudi blockade that prohibits the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Yemeni people.”


Meanwhile, the Saudi-US coalition has continued its massacres against this country, one of the poorest countries in the Arab peninsula. The killings have hit a high record on Sunday, November 19th, in the Masloub district, in Al-Jawf governorate, where 8 children and 3 women within the same family were killed by a Saudi strike which hit their home.

At the same time, the Yemeni army and Ansarullah successfully carried out an offensive against enemy positions in Baydaa, and managed to kill and wound dozens of the Saudi-US coalition’s mercenaries. In addition, they managed to defeat their attacks in the Nehm and Lahj areas.

According to a military source, following these operations, 40 mercenaries including senior leaders were killed or wounded.


The Anti-Zionist Party, once again, condemns this “Arrogance” which uses false statements in order to justify the unjustifiable; namely, the pretext of the presence of Iranian missiles on Yemeni territory, which Saudi Arabia has used in order to keep an iron blockade against weak and weakened civilians.

Where are the international organizations? Why does no one hear anything from them? How can a genocide of this kind be allowed right in front of everyone’s eyes?

The tyrannical Saudi regime lives a cataclysm from which it is unwilling to recover.

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26 November, 2017 Antizionist News, news

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