Speaker of the Israeli Parliament Leaves the Room Humiliated

The courageous words of the Kuwaiti parliament’s president compelled his Israeli counterpart to leave the room at the 137th session of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (the world organization of parliaments of sovereign states), which is being held in St. Petersburg.
The speaker of the Kuwaiti parliament, Marzouk al-Ghanem, totally rejected the allegations made by his Israeli counterpart at the 137th session of the Inter-Parliamentary Union that took place on Wednesday October,18th; allegations regarding Palestinians imprisoned in the jails of the criminal Zionist entity.

He concluded his speech by calling the Zionist leader an “occupant” and a “child murderer”.

Marzouk al-Ghanem addressed the speaker representing the Zionist Criminal Entity’s parliament, claiming that his remarks crystallized the most dangerous type of terrorism in the world, which is state terrorism.

“After seeing the reaction of all these worthy parliamentarians, you have to pack your things and leave the room. Leave the room now, if you have any shame! You, occupant! You, child murderer! ” Marzouk al-Ghanem commanded the Zionist parliamentarian, who in turn hurried off the floor along with the Israeli representatives.

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22 October, 2017 Antizionist News, news, Video

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