Sinai Attack: Israel Gets Ready

An Israeli soldier at the top of an observation tower, near the town of Taba, in the south of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

Israel’s “Channel 10” is planning a warm collaboration between Tel Aviv and Cairo due to the recent terrorist attack in Sinai, Egypt.


On Sunday, November 26th, “Channel 10” broadcasted a report on the recent terrorist attack in Sinai, Egypt.


The Israeli channel has welcomed a possible collaboration between Tel-Aviv and Cairo, after the Sinai terrorist attack.


“Egypt will most likely ask Israel to send more troops to Sinai to participate in joint military operations. It seems that the Sinai attack will lead to the strengthening of security relations between Israel and Egypt,”reported “Channel 10”.


The terrorist attack, in which Israelis rejoice, has killed more than 305 Egyptians. Analysts see Israeli traces behind the attack.

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27 November, 2017 Antizionist News, news

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