Algeria’s Obsession with Israel

2014_algerie_israel_622941155Despite the distance that separates them, the Zionist entity has always considered Algeria to be a potential prominent threat.

Indeed, the Maghreb countries which  have one of the most powerful military forces in Africa and the Arab-Muslim world, remain firmly and historically hostile to the Israeli criminal entity who has not forgotten its(the Maghreb countries’) participation in the Yom Kippur war of 1973 alongside Egypt and Syria .

Algeria is one of the few Arab countries that does not have diplomatic or commercial relations with the Zionist entity while, at the same time, it has deep friendship bonds with Palestine. The Algerian people are structured by a strong anti-colonial culture. They have always shown unwavering solidarity with the Palestinians hosting their leaders, especially during the 70s and 80s. It was also in Algiers, Algeria where Yasser Arafat made the formal proclamation of the State of Palestine by the Palestine National Council in 1988. This incident is certainly related to the decade of darkness and bloodbath that followed which took place in Algeria.

Another reason for Tel Aviv’s wrath is the excellent relations between Algeria and the members of the axis of resistance, as well as the refusal of Algeria to support or participate in the US-Zionist conspiracies aimed at reconfiguring the Middle East region.

Indeed, aside from its position in the Syrian crisis which is opposed to foreign intervention in the internal affairs of Syria, Algeria also refused to participate in the Saudi coalition against Yemen, and it refused to consider Hezbollah to be a terrorist organization.

Moreover, Algeria has very good relations with Tehran, especially in terms of the oil policy on which both countries share the same point of view.

In recent years, several projects were worked out between the two countries which wanted to help each other not to fall economically due to the pressures of Saudi Arabia and its allies. In order to achieve this, executive cooperation programs were officially signed at the ministries of both countries in the following fields: youth and sports, education and professional training, culture, public works, as well as higher education and scientific research.

The strategic interest of this new agreement between Algeria and Iran ensures the survival of both countries from the international alliances that encircle them geopolitically.

Israel has often expressed its concerns regarding Algeria’s reinforcement of its military arsenal and the modernization of its army. These concerns were reflected during the serious investigations  conducted by the Israeli security services during the of the famous “air bridge” that took place in 2009 where Algerian authorities transferred several thousand of the football team’s fans to Omdurman, Sudan within three days and without any incident. At that time, the “Jerusalem Post” posted “we should beware of a country that is capable of transporting so many people in three days”, astounded by this demonstration of logistical efficiency.

The Algerian army has advanced military equipment thanks to Russia, the historic supplier of armaments, which causes great concern among the Zionist entity.

In 2009, Tel Aviv informed Algiers, through American mediators, about its growing concerns regarding the Algerian maritime force that it considered “dangerous to Israel’s internal security.” Therefore, Israel needed guarantees regarding the security of the commercial marine which is essential for Israel as 60 to 70% of its entire foreign trade passes through the Strait of Gibraltar and maritime routs contiguous to the Algerian military bases at a distance of less than 100 nautical miles. It is in this context that last year Mossad agents were caught while spying on a shipyard in Germany where two MEKO A200 frigates were built on behalf of the Algerian Navy.

The Zionist entity is in fact very active with regards to military espionage against Algeria. It is also a well-known fact that the criminal state spies on Algerian military bases via its Eros B satellite. Moreover, we also remember the spying equipment that was discovered a few months ago on a plane coming from Qatar, one of the main regional instruments of the Zionist entity.

While keeping in mind the mistrust and suspicion with regards to Algiers, who stubbornly refuses to submit to the Zionist agenda, we must analyse the past disastrous BHL positions (The grave-digger of Libya) who have strongly supported the MAK; a separatist movement seeking the autonomy of Kabylia region in Algeria and therefor jeopardizing the Algerian territorial unit. Supporting this idea, the Mossad French philosopher threatened the Algerian national unity and promoted social and ethnic division, even a civil war in that country. That was not his first attempt, in 2012 he had expressed his wish for a new (Israeli) “spring” for Algeria.

The BHL agent expresses the Zionist entity’s position which threatened Algeria via an article in the “Haaretz” newspaper in March 2013 because of its position regarding the Syrian crisis stating that the insecurity and instability could also benefit the Maghreb countries.

The jihadist card is also used as leverage and for destabilization against a country surrounded by the Takfiri groups operating in the Sahel and Libya. Numerous war weapons have recently been seized across the border which is evidence that something seems to be brewing.

A stable country, a strong army, significant oil and gas resources, an independent foreign policy that is not aligned with the USrael: all these elements make Algeria a feared state and a target for the Zionist entity who is a lot stronger than Libya, the week neighbour.

Indeed, “the country of one and a half million martyrs” also has significant assets: a historical proximity with Russia, a very large French diaspora that represents a significant potential nuisance, a well-equipped national army, and a fiercely anti-Zionist and patriotic people. Their courageous behaviour has already demonstrated their competence against French colonizers and during the black decade of the 90’s. Despite the challenging domestic situation, this unpredictable country is once again capable of thwarting the Zionist conspiracies.

Having said that, it is not clear if the Americans, sponsors of Israel, or their French ally are pleased to see a Zionist destabilization of Algeria, because in that kind of game, everyone has the potential to lose.

Once again the Anti-Zionist Party denounces the Zionist attempts to destabilize Algeria which aims to weaken the country which refuses to comply with the Zionists’ instructions. We call on the Algerians to remain united in the face of the division threat and we warn the Israeli criminal entity against its diabolical plots against Algeria which will inevitably turn against it.

yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi

Anti-Zionist Party President


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