A Yemeni General Reveals Origin of Missiles in His Country

General Aziz Rachid, deputy spokesman of the Yemeni army.

At the time Saudi Arabia continues to accuse, unjustly and without any proof, Iran and Hezbollah of delivering missiles to Yemen, said a Yemeni general who also stated that the Yemeni ballistic force will soon unleash its own surprises in this area.

Indeed, General Aziz Rached, deputy spokesman for the Yemeni army, the ally of the Houthi Ansarullah movement, said in an interview with the “Sputnik” Russian agency:


“We have significant scientific and academic skills in the ballistics field. They were perfected during the war years, given the circumstances.
And, he added:
“Military Industrialization is now available for small as well as large countries unless they are blackmailed, and provided they have the will to do so.”


Rached said the missiles fired on Saudi Arabia are one hundred percent Yemeni-made.

“They look like Russian and North Korean missiles with operations designed to increase their range to about 1400 km; a subject of scientific research over the last three years” he says.

According to him, Sanaa has achieved self-sufficiency in the ballistic field. His statement does not fail to specify:

“We benefited from the Russian and Korean ballistic technology that was at home. We dissected it, then we made similar missiles and others which differed in their modern techniques; we developed some parts so that they can live up to the latest in airborne technology and anti-missile missiles. It is no secret that we still have experts who have studied all over the world: in Korea, Russia and Germany, and they are the ones who have modernized the local ballistic industry.”

The surprise lies at the upcoming missiles, where the Yemeni general mentioned a 2-1 Bourkane, a Bourkane 3, and then Mandab 1 and Mandab 2, among others.


The Anti-Zionist Party is delighted by the strength of the Yemeni army to face the genocide inflicted by the Saudi-American coalition.

We strongly encourage the disinherited who seek to defend themselves and recover their sovereignty and independence refusing any form of vile submission.

The Saudi autocratic regime is committing the worst injustices, in Yemen as well as other places, and it is high time that it understands that this situation cannot continue and that it (Saudi Arabia) will have to pay the price.

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26 November, 2017 Antizionist News, news

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